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London Street name changes. Cambridge street. So fast does London grow that new names are reduplicated or triplicated before the streets are built, and men register good names for new " rows" as they would register titles for newspapers. STREET-NAMES. R S I have no plans to join my ancestors anytime soon, but when I do the information on this website may disappear. Berlin, Bismarc, Blucher,Brandenburgh, Bremen, Dantzic, Gotha, Hamburg, Hamburgh, Hanover,Herman, Leipsic, Vienna and Wirtemberg. Yet I am not haunted by the past, rather it is as if we Londoners in the insubstantial present are the fleeting spirits while – thanks to photography – those people of a century ago occupy these streets of old London eternally.   If that's what you like, try the Sweet Street Name Generator here and you'll get a street name as ordinary and dull as a cud chewing cow in a grazing herd. street, Lewisham, Charles street (part), Tottenham court road, Little George street Rosendale road, Little George street, Old Hidden within street names are the occupations, owners, and even hobbies of the people who lived there centuries ago. In Winchester, a 909 charter mentions three street names that are no longer in use: 1. The streets are organised alphabetically and spread over a number of pages for each letter as there are 10,000's of streets throughout Greater London. Places shown in UPPER case letters refer to the Registration District for census returns, or in the case of the City of London they indicate the ward. H I I can think of three reasons why a change might not be carried forward:- a typo or mistake, it was reversed or revised (perhaps after protests by residents - many of these alterations were not popular - plus ça change), or there was a further change/re-building later. If the date is 1920-29, the change probably took place between 1920 and 1929 Gropecunt Lane / ˈ É¡ r oʊ p k ʌ n t ˈ l eɪ n / was a street name found in English towns and cities during the Middle Ages, believed to be a reference to the prostitution centred on those areas; it was normal practice for a medieval street name to reflect the street's function or the economic activity taking place within it. If the date is 1917-20, the change probably took place between 1917 and 1920 Many old names have been replaced by modern ones, particularly ‘upmarket’ names and, conversely, deliberately archaic ones. Jump to a letter   Pages in category "Streets in London" The following 25 pages are in this category, out of 25 total. This gazetteer covers only the area of the medieval town. "Present Name" often already existed, the "Former Name"being Residents of the road in Rowley Regis, West Mids, have been told by the local council that there are no plans to change what the road is called despite some complaints that it … Choose your favorite. Name City of London: 1920-29: Duke street (part), New Oxford street: Coptic street: St. George, Bloomsbury: pre 1912: Duke street, Aldersgate street: Little Britain: City of London: pre 1912: Duke street, Brady street: Pereira street : Stepney: pre 1912: Duke street, High Holborn: Hyde street: St. George, Bloomsbury: pre 1912: Duke street, Quilp street: Dorrit street : St. George, Southwark The Victorian London Street Index contains over 58,000 references. Changes   Maps   B C The plan's title and key are at lower left, with the site of the new docks highlighted in blue. J K F G And, in my mind’s eye, these streets of old London are peopled by the inhabitants of the photographs. plus �a change), or there was a further change/re-building later. From Gucci to Adidas, you can fill your bags with all kinds of treasures as you stroll down Oxford Street. Oct 30, 2020 - Explore Martin's board "London Street names", followed by 1202 people on Pinterest. - Please bookmark this page (add it to your favorites). London Street Names Street Names - Henry I stipulated that a street could not be named as such unless it was paved and was wide enough for sixteen knights to ride abreast.

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