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Exotic Angel plants are bursting with personality. Named for its creeping vines of thick round leaves, the string of nickels plant is a really unique tropical terrarium species. The String of Nickels produces clusters of tiny creamy white flowers that may be followed by fuzzy white seeds. Grown for its foliage, the tiny round leaves of the string of nickels plant resemble small coins dangling on a cord. Dischidia comprises about 80 known species which all grow as epiphytes and are native to tropical areas of Indo-China. A Plant. String of nickels succulents (Dischidia nummularia) get their name from their appearance. Dischidia nummularia is commonly called "Button Orchid or " String of Nickels". This house plant can start producing its little white flowers all of a sudden – a glorious surprise! it grows up to 8-10 feet. has tiny, opposite lens shaped leaves. We have many available and they will have a minimum of 3 branches per pot. Native to a wide variety of East Asian countries, in the wild Dischidia nummularia is an epiphyte and lives in the canopy – wrapped around tree trunks and cascading off branches. She has beautiful curled leaves and is pleasing to the eye. Dischidia ‘dragon jade’ also known as the "Dragon Jade" is a very beautiful Dischidia. Place your Dragon Jade in a space with bright, indirect light and water when the top half of the soil is dry. It is often seen in cultivation despite its inconspicuous yellowish-white flowers. Buy Dischidia nummularia online in India, Commonly known as String of Nickels Is creeping epiphyte forming dense masses on trees. Dischidia nummularia is commonly called “String of Nickels” because its firm, round leaves look like long strands of coins. If you want to see a specific picture of what you will receive please send us a message. A Lifestyle. This unique trailing plant from the tropical rain forest is easy to gr It is frequently seen on the trunks of trees, resembling numerous hanging necklaces on branches. Dischidia is a genus of plants which very close genetic relationship with "Hoya plant", they are in the Milkweed family, Asclepiadaceae. In its native habitat of New Guinea and Australia, it grows as an epiphyte hanging from the trees. A Look. What You Will Receive: Plant grown in a 4 container Dischidia nummularia. Discover our vibrant collection, with more than 400 varieties, each as unique as you are. A very exclusive plant for your collection The Dischidia Nummularia is an epiphyte with a bit of a succulent nature. With its small, thick, glossy, light-green leaves, this modern hanging plant from the tropics definitely stands out! It is an Epiphyte plant, meaning in the wild it will attach itself to trees or creep along branches, draping itself … Dischidia nummularia Easy-care hanging plant! The leaves are very thick and grey green in color.This makes an excellent plant for mounting in the greenhouse or in a large terrarium or vivarium. Due to … Dischidia nummularia sp. Care is easy; as long as you don’t over water this species it can live in the regular house and will easily bloom for you. Dragon Jade is a very cool lower light house plant! dischidia milnei CHAIN OF COINS Dischidia milnei is a member of the Asclepiadaceae family and is native to Australia (Queensland), North East India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China (Hainan), Cambodia, Laos, South Vietnam, Malaysia (Malaya), Indonesia (Borneo, Java, Moluccas, Sulawesi, Timor), Philippines, Singapore. The leaf color can vary from pale green to a bronze or silvery tone. Dischidia nummularia variegata is a fantastic plant that makes an amazing small plant hanging basket that will not overwhelm a tiny space. The flowers are tiny, white and waxy. A hard to find climbing houseplant with trailing strands of succulent, oval shaped leaves. A trailing, perennial succulent with flat, round, ½â€ grayish leaves, which give the appearance of hanging coins on a string.

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