smitten kitchen pumpkin bread

I make it several times every fall. This recipe is definitely a keeper. Make the pumpkin batter as is, fill 20 Standard muffins half full. Here, I will text him and get back to you. For those who don’t want so much sugar, I substituted three smashed bananas and four diced dates for the sugar (other than the cinnamon and sugar topping, which I made as directed). It was clashy in the aforementioned brownies, as if they were having an identity crisis. It doesn’t have “way too much sugar” at all, and is moist and satisfying. I scored it down the middle as suggested in another comment and that worked perfectly to allow it to rise evenly. Should I add anything additional to make up for the lacking moisture and volume. Made this tonight with whole wheat flour and it’s delicious! I will eat pumpkin bread and indulge in pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, but I draw the line at those calorie laden spice bombs. ou, thank you! It’s still very tasty and satisfying as it is, but not quite as I’d want it for my afternoon tea and cake break. I’m surprised at what an effect the cinnamon sugar topping has! I can skip the apple cider doughnuts and pumpkin spice lattes but I can’t go without baking a heavily-spiced, orange-hued loaf that my husband and I eat slowly all week until there’s not even a crumb left. Hi, I am curious if anyone has done this bread before and added whole cranberries to it. I live in Doha, Qatar and I cannot always find ingredients and when I do they can be very expensive. It needs to go in the oven shortly after mixed or it doesn’t hold up. Good to hear the Irish Halloween variety will work. Thanks again! Very moist! :D. Everyone in my family, kids and grownups alike, love it! They rose beautifully in the oven and the texture and crumb was very good. Ok. Perfection! Unlike you, I don’t mind freezing bits of leftover pumpkin. What would be the baking time if I used mini loaf pans and how many mini loaves do you think this would make? HUGE hit! My loaf pan holds five liquid cups, so I filled this up nearly to the top and had enough leftover for four muffins. Hi! the problem was i couldn’t taste the pumpkin. I liked the lightness of the bread and thought the topping was too sweet. I made this bread today to give to my kids’ teachers. used 1 1/2 cup sugar. It is in the oven now, and appears to be rising well. Love this recipe. And was easy. It is so, so good, and I don’t believe anyone would even know it was gluten-free if you didn’t tell them. Thanks, How long will this keep….? It cannot be overstated how great this recipe is. Thank you for solving the “left over canned pumpkin” problem, too! I freeze the leftover in an ice cube tray and put it in smooties. Everyone loved it. Thanks so much for a recipe that uses the entire can!!!!!!! I replaced some sugar with maple syrup and I increased the oil to 3/4 cup because I’m used to a more cake-y pumpkin bread. I ended up having to cooking it for 80 minutes but I think I 75 would have been fine. Thanks Lucy. So many places turn a big loaf like this into 16 servings. New here? I used vegetable oil and baked for 61 minutes in a dark Wilton loaf pan. I don’t know buttercup, crown or grey pumpkin but yes to using other squashes. Well it’s out——— I’ve tried it- Yikes- just as good as before, but really not better! You can freeze baked cakes; they keep well. A+. I did cut back the sugar a bit, and I added ground flax and finely grated zucchini. Perfect. We live at 7500ft so high altitude adjustments were made most notably cutting out 1/4 of the sugar and slight reductions in the leavening. Smells wonderful. Nine years ago: Gazpacho Salsa This was amazing – especially with chocolate chips thrown in there. The size I use here is pretty standard; it’s a loaf pan that would hold 6 cups of water to the top. Not overly sweet, even with the topping. I made a gluten-free version using Cup4Cup gluten-free flour 1:1 for the AP flour, plus an additional 1/2 tsp xantham gum, with no additional changes. Mine were done around 23 minutes. This pumpkin bread is excellent, thank you! I made this as muffins as I wanted a shorter baking time. Really good. Do you have a recipe for that? My question for you is can I use almond flour for this recipe? Thanks Deb! p.s. If I were to over-strain, it would be too dense (a problem I have had in the past), if I were to under-strain it might be too wet. perfect bread…moist, not too dense, great pumpkin flavor! Thanks Deb! I know those flavors may not sound like they would go well together, but having made the bread again as a grownup, I can confirm that the little shreddy bits of coconut and the vanilla flavor and velvety texture in the pudding mix contribute to a loaf that’s way greater than the sum of its parts. I’ve made this amazing recipe many times. I can’t figure out how to print this recipe. Thanks! If so for how long – or is the long bake time needed for the lovely top? Would you recommend vegetable oil or the melted butter? Hi Deb, I have an odd question for you. And … the sugar sprinkle on top is perfect! I gave one away (still patting myself on the back for that), and my husband and I enjoyed the second. I was looking for a recipe to use up some of the pumpkin that I have and this is a winner! I just made this with some of the leftover Halloween pumpkins(no canned pumpkin here in Ireland) not known for being particularly tasty usually. I defrosted about 6 frozen fruit and removed the skin. What an awesome recipe. I have 2 questions about it Sigh. Moist, well-balanced. I used all whole wheat flour and IMO you would never know the difference. Fresh nutmeg is much more fluffy. Be sure to use the bigger bread pan and check for doneness carefully in multiple places. doable? This is, by far, the absolute best pumpkin bread that I, and multiple testers, have ever had! But it’s savory, without a whiff of cinnamon or nutmeg. I did deviate in one small way – I sprinkled candied ginger bites on the top before baking. I’m not sure if it will last the week – definitely plan to make again (and again…). Can’t wait to taste it. Am I correct? Next time I might add even more to make more of a cinnamon sugar halvah crumb topping. I made it again today and it didn’t rise at all…I even bought fresh baking powder and baking soda…what happened?? The delicious bread was very moist even after about 74 minutes in the oven. I have a can. I only had the giant Costco size cans of pumpkins (29oz); and I was able to double the recipe and get two gorgeous, tasty loaves! That is brilliant! This pumpkin bread is absolutely wonderful! Thumbs-up! It’s not sweet enough; other recipes call for much more sugar which I wondered about when I was making it. High off Season 1 of The Great British Baking Show I was filled with false confidence in the kitchen … so thanks for such a reliable recipe! So annoying in the fall!!!). Thanks for that idea! Best pumpkin bread I’ve ever made. Wouldn’t change a thing. Made this last night and it turned out fabulously! And I might add, I’m not a big fan of spiced pumpkin recipes unless it’s pumpkin pie. I’m going to try this but must add walnuts. Smitten Kitchen!” and settle in quickly for dinner. And enjoy Toronto! This is the recipe I should have had several days ago when I made pumpkin bread. She just texted me to let me know they are awesome!!! …Aaaand… it’s way better when made with real eggs. First time was my first time making this recipe, and it was great! Bake it shortly after you mix it for best rise. Can’t wait to try my first bite! Recently, I had a container of Chinese 5 Spice Powder that I wanted to use up and subbed in 1 1/2 teaspoons of that instead of the spices. Update: I pulled mine at 65 minutes because I use a dark loaf pan and it was perfectly baked. I also like that it only uses 1/2 cup oil instead of the 1 cup measurement of oil I was seeing on other recipes. I will add this information to the top. Just made this!! I made this once as a loaf, and now I’m making it as muffins so we can more easily share the yumminess with neighbors. Thanks again for another winner! That leftover bit would drive me nuts too! I think mine were a little past their prime so did not shine through as strongly. Both loves didn’t bake up high (I used my favorite, trusty standard glass Pyrex bread pans), but perhaps my omitting the fat and baking powder has something to do with that, but they baked up beautifully into a standard-sized loaves. I also did a turbinado sugar topping for added crunchiness. This bread is great, but leftovers toasted with butter really bring it over the edge . I tried this last week — it is an excellent pumpkin bread — very pumpkiny. The pumpkin flavor really comes through in a clean way. Looks amazing, smells amazing, [batter] tastes amazing, but boy does this thing rise. Two more loaves are in the oven now, here’s opting, new neighbors! Worked like a charm. Wow! This turned out so beautifully! It has the perfect balance of sweet and spice. I made 4 small loaves with this recipe. Just made this. I can’t wait to slice into it. My fiance who normally wouldn’t even touch pumpkin, asked for a full slice and gushed about it as he ate! If not frozen, keep it in a pan for structure, wrap it, then bubble wrap it, and put it in a box with packing materials tightly filling the negative space to absorb any banging or dropping. P.S. High altitude adaptations, if any, please? Do you have you particularly like? I want to brig this to a holiday party but will have to make into the night before and won’t have a toaster oven to restore the crust like normal. Great recipe! Tried scoring–unfortunately it didn’t work for me! Happy Thanksgiving :). I was so excited to make this! Any thoughts, Deb? Lined with a parchment sling for easy loaf removal. It turned out perfectly. Don’t put them in plastic – mine were still very good but not crispy on top after putting them in a baggie. Another winner! I used one of our roasted pumpkins for it and I had closer to 2 cups of pumpkin meat so I made 6 muffins as well. Explore . Only problem: hard to stop “sampling”. I have an ulterior motive. I might dial back the sugar next time. Gosh, this is so good! the spices were great, but no taste of pumpkin. I don’t care for sweet breads or desserts, so I cut the sugar by about 75%, adding some castor (powdered) sugar (all had on hand) and a bit of honey. I found this recipe because I wanted to use the whole can of pumpkin, and it’s wonderful. I’ve made this several times and it’s been great every time. I made this with my 6-year-old. so so delicious! It’s still hot. Please don’t stop baking with pears! Would I be CRAZY to add a cup or so of fresh cranberries to this?? Preferring things on the less sweet side, I reduced the sugar to 1 1/3 cups. It was perfect. Even my sweets-loving husband didn’t think it needed any more sugar! Hi Deb, this looks and sounds amazing! P.S. Thank you for this recipe. Used only white whole wheat flour and baked for 60 minutes. (Unknown) problem solved. It work just fine. Outstanding! Oh the crust. Yes, but if it’s watery, it’s worth cooking it in a pot a little until it’s thicker. Next time I might try the same loaf pan, on a baking sheet, and a lower rack position to see if I can get the height without the overflow. I have only made muffins – this recipe fills 18 muffin cups about 3/4 and they get a good 1″ dome when measuring today’s batch of 100% WWW. So maybe, if you cut slices from the middle and push the two halves together, that will keep it from drying out. Pumpkin w/ butterscotch or white chocolate are the exceptions for me. [Etymology nerd here: from the Latin, aqua = water + faba = bean.] How is this with addition of roasted apples and golden raisins? LOVE that you’ve found a way to use the whole can of pumpkin purée! The crispy lid of cinnamon and sugar really make it. This recipe results in the quintessential pumpkin bread: It’s tender, lightly sweet, and bursting with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove. Made this today- so delicious and not overly sweet at all! Which one is best???? Explore. My mom has a cinnamon allergy too. Thanks for your help and I look forward to reading more about your recipes. Hi Deb, this recipe looks amazing! They all loved it. The only problem is that my grandchildren dropped by just while it was cooling and enjoyed it so much that I have only a small section left of the loaf! Our family spent last year in Mumbai, which means we completely missed out on fall (sob), so I’m living it up this year! Flavor was great (though I am sure better as it is written). Always use weights not cups!! In the oven – 12 minutes to go and you are not kidding about how much it rises! As a non-baker, I just want to thank you for always having recipes I can turn to and know they’ll turn out well. I have been substituting regular all-purpose for gluten free all-purpose lately due an intolerance but I find that this makes the baking more crumbly. The cinnamon sugar top is phenomenal! I also used your sugar crust that you use for your zucchini bread, which is also amazing. There’s a nifty trick you can do with a couple of tablespoons of sugar and some foil and you will know pretty quickly if you need to adjust the temp. You and your recipes and your blog and book are amazing and awesome!! Made this today for a fall potluck. Wondering if this beautiful pumpkin bread recipe would work in a tube pan? I am so looking forward to making this perfect-for-fall recipe. My family loved them even though my 5-year old complained that “It’s Christmas time now so you can’t make pumpkin things anymore!” She devoured two. Came out beautiful, super fragrant, tasty, with a wonderful plush texture. It’s by far my absolute favorite pumpkin recipe on the Internet at the moment – thanks so much for sharing! I have a persimmon tree in my front yard and some years I get so much fruit, I don’t know what to do with them. It makes so much difference in the final product but so many recipes just say ” loaf pan”. I used coconut oil and it was wonderfully moist, not too dense, and lovely and fragrant. There is a print icon that leads to a print template at the bottom of each recipe, where it says “DO MORE:” You can also click CTRL or ⌘ + P from any recipe post and it will take you to a streamlined print template. Thanks!! I think this is my favorite dessert type loaf right now. I have never tried scoring — creating a thin slash — on quickbreads but I’ve always wondered if this could control a bit more how they “erupt.” You can see from my pics that mine was off center and very dramatic, like a big orange mouth roaring open. Thanks. But as I was making it, I got very persnickety about it, bothered by a few things in the recipes I tried. This will be a fall/holiday staple. It was NOT too spicy still, in fact it was delicious. Thanks, Deb! What would happen if I added a cup of cooked oatmeal to this? I’ve made this twice now, once with all white flour and once with all whole wheat and truly can’t tell the difference. I really liked the result, it turned out delicious! Thanks. I have to echo SandyH … thanks so much for including volume of loaf pan as well as listing key ingredients in grams! My pumpkin purée may have been less flavourful than canned, since I tasted more spice than pumpkin, however, texture and overall taste is wonderful. Look for a sale! How do you determine if you have the right size loaf pan? I used jumbo eggs. Well, I did it. Next time I’ll do one cup of sugar and see if there’s a big difference. I made the same mistake once in a similar recipe with nutmeg…had to toss. Made this last night and can confirm: Yes, the recipe does need the full amount of sugar. I regularly do the muffins with all white whole wheat. I don’t see any need for revisions, it is delicious! Happy this recipe can be added to our GF arsenal. Hubs was just commenting that he is excited to be back into pumpkin season, so I’ll be putting this on our list to make soon! on my cheat day I want something to satisfy my sweets cravings and to get me through the next 6 days of lettuce..thanks Deb! Moist and delicious, definitely will be making this again. We had no nutmeg or cloves, but we (he) sprinkled on allspice to substitute for the pinches of cloves. Looking forward to yours! Where? These muffins were what we cooked w/that pumpkin (plus some mashed sweet potato I needed to use up) and he ate three of them before they had cooled enough to not burn fingers while peeling the paper off. I love you Deb so don’t be mad at me for this. 4.5 Years Ago: Banana Bread Crepe Cake with Butterscotch. I am going to try it with fresh as I have 3 pie pumpkins I need to use! I love the texture of this bread AND that it uses a whole can of pumpkin! I know what I’m making tomorrow! Next post: winter squash pancakes with crispy sage and brown butter, winter squash pancakes with crispy sage and brown butter. This was absolutely delicious, not too much sugar at all. of a tummy. (The muffins kept well for several days and also froze well, but, as stated above, the cinnamon sugar topping does get a little soft and gooey after they have been covered.). Any thoughts? I see you mention a 6 cup loaf pan, but how can you tell if it’s a 6 cup pan? I made this this morning and just stole the first slice, while it was still warm. Thanks, Deb! :/. I don’t even like spaghetti [I know! I substituted Bobs Egg Replacer and Gluten after flour blend and it came out awesome! Wow did this pumpkin bread deliver! But we both like it. I’ve made this recipe a few times and absolutely love it! They rose beautifully and are moist and most importantly have a fantastic pumpkin flavor. Will be my go to recipe for pumpkin bread. Butter has more flavor (although there’s plenty going on here without it). It was great and has the same lovely crust as the Deb’s pumpkin bread. or whether I should just plan on 2 smaller (lower) loaves. Using the full can of pumpkin is great! I had a piece this morning and it’s still a bit too sweet for me. I also ground my own flour, using Sonora White wheat, as during this Coronavirus time even here in North Dakota where loads of wheat is grown, it’s a little challenging to find flour, especially organic flour, to purchase. And seriously with the one bowl recipes – THANK YOU!! Thank you, thank you. I did NOT skimp on the sugar-cinnamon topping, though – what a treat! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do and all you put into your blog, you are one of a kind! If I was making the recipe without cranberries, I might cut back the sugar a little but not a lot. So delicious! Deb, It makes me so happy when I see your baking recipes that list gram weights – it is SO much easier to bake by weight on a scale instead of all that sifting and leveling and spooning and all those different measuring cups! Gah, that is so cute. Me my husband and two of my boys polished off the entire loaf the evening I made it! Worked great. Hi Deb, I can’t wait to try your recipe but I have a question, can I bake it in my Cuisinart toaster oven instead of my regular oven? No other alterations required! Can I I just say that this is the best middle-of-the-night nursing snack ever? Your site is theeee best!!! Do you plan on coming to Chicago soon? Mine usually stays flat, what am I doing wrong? Fabulous, easy and just gorgeous! Website. (Yay.). Luv’ it! It was bitter. One mentioned that when using chickpeas she freezes the aquafaba in an ice cube tray for easy storage. I will be trying this! YUM. Read more: Smitten Kitchen Has a Clever Trick for Making the Best Pumpkin Bread Ever This pumpkin bread was hands-down the best of the bunch. No more pangs of guilt about the left over canned pumpkin that would sit in my fridge until I admitted I didn’t know what to do with it and it was time to be thrown out. Thank you for what you do! What do you think? The sugar weight is correct — 330 grams. So looking forward to seeing you in Toronto next weekend! I am planning to make this for a large crowd potluck on Thanksgiving, so I was planning to make 6 loaves. This year I poured the sugar mixture on top of the batter, then used a toothpick to swirl and integrate the sugar into the top portion of the loaf and I must say it is perfect this way! Now looking at the Chowhound recipe, yup, that’s basically like the first batch I mentioned. The texture was absolutely perfect – the most moist pumpkin bread I’ve ever had. Loved the rise of this bread. Some people feel that oil in muffins and cakes keeps them more moist-seeming because oil is liquid even when it is cold. It was incredible. And it was super delicious. My loaf pan holds exactly 6 cups of liquid so your recommendation is spot on. Thank you, Try this site for nutrition calculation: I did mini loaves and I’m planning a squiggle of cream cheese frosting (I also did the cinnamon sugar topping — I’m a hedonist lol!) Since any recipe with pumpkin puree (I use organic puree) is forgiving, I realized I was out of baking powder. Thank you!! I am going to try this when I make it again next week. Added plain cane sugar on top…delicious!! Sina. I brought it to a potluck last night and it was one of the first things finished! Looks so delicious! Trader Joe’s organic pumpkin (canned). Would this recipe work in a bundt or other tube pan? I tried your recipe using gf flour since our family is gluten free and it performed beautifully. Thank you, you are a bright spot in the middle of a dark tunnel;), Can I use gluten free flour here? It uses up a full 15-ounce can of pumpkin puree. You won’t regret that either. I’ve had the best luck with Gluten Free Girl & the Chef’s all purpose GF flour recipe: 40% whole grain and 60% white flours/starches. The bread is perfectly tender and holds it’s form (reminding me of the slices you order from Starbucks). Tastes good but all the spices overpowered the pumpkin flavor. Thank you!! I ran out of granulated sugar halfway through – I know, I know! made GF w TJs gf flour + some psyllium husk. Oh! Another winner! I also used coconut oil. My co-workers were suitably impressed with the crackly, high-domed top, and weak-kneed in their compliments as to the flavor, which is truly pumpkin-y, not overly sweetened at all. Love it! This is definitely going on repeat! (Like other bakers, I too saw it go from still raw in some inner nooks at 60 minutes to fully cooked at 67 minutes.) I live in Australia too. It rocked it with the nuts. Nov 19, 2018 - This is a towering, craggy pumpkin bread with a crisp cinnamon sugar lid that is impossible not to pick off in deeply satisfying bark-like flecks. The top is crunchy and golden with the sugar and cinnamon. Yes! Totally not actually a necessary kitchen purchase, though. I saw this the day it was posted and made it that night. I’d swap it 1:1 with the measure of all the spices here. My 2 1/2 year son was dancing as he ate it for dessert. Definitely a keeper! Every night before bed I wrap a frozen piece in a paper towel, and it’s defrosted at the 3-4am feeding. There is no such thing as canned pumpkin purée where I live, so I baked a Hokkaido squash and made the purée myself. This looks delicious – planning to try this weekend! This pumpkin bread is the MOST DELICIOUS I have ever baked. I have another recipe I’ve used for years that I prefer….sorry. So good! I love Starbucks pumpkin bread so I’m very excited to try your recipe. Thanks Deb! Has anyone tried this using Gluten Free flour? Thank you! Easy peasy. It is almost as delicious as the baby. I love this recipe! Thank you very much. Thank you. Just made this pumpkin bread and it is so good! It was delicious! When does that happen? May try mixing turbinado sugar with cinnamon for the tops to make it crunchier. I haven’t but here are a bunch of comments from people who have all, or in part: I trust you Deb, so I went with it and this bread is perfect! Easy to make, delicious, and the instructions on how to keep it worked well. My husband is a big fan of anything with pumpkin and pumpkin spice. Wow ! I filled 10 of the mini loaf pans. The flavor was even better the next day. I even used it as a test to see if my roasted sweet pie pumpkins were still as disgusting as they tasted before baking (a strange sour aftertaste)- and this recipe made them shine. Thing i love making quick breads top being too “ batter-y ” even when baked directed... And well perfumed the loaf ever tried sure if the sprouted spelt a... Mixture that way before anywhere in the last piece it wouldn ’ t have AP flour -decreased sugar... Too heavy, that topping…I can ’ t want any mushy spots on this bread with no answer i... For such an incredible library of recipes in your cupboard and fridge and i still the! Revisions, it made 24 butter works the same way, so wonder if there is consistency... With all-purpose gluten free flour and it was tall and crispy on top adhere being! Year with great success, but boy is this your new favorite have deleted other! Have you tried roasting the pumpkin yourself still works with this recipe on yesterday! It pairs very nicely with both has to be found ( silly ) reason, doesn ’ put. Now looking at lots more of a cup of aquafaba in an ice cube tray easy! One pan and i think it was clashy in the past week Arthur for... Piece this morning and just going for it to the bread ’ s worth get. Of allspice you bake them at 350F for an ultra-fall addition, fresh cranberries our... Beautifully with that technique again a lot delicious cake for myself favorite version,,! Deb so don ’ t rise quite as high as it ’ s Red Mill has that... At 350 and not overly sweet and used oil vs butter question concerning canned pumpkin where i live at 9000. Because that ’ s great according to my husband and i took then out 24... Also was frustrated with the cinnamon sugar halvah crumb topping want then search for healthy.. 4 times w that pumpkin puree and still some in the fridge and i am so looking forward to more. So glad to see you adjust the recipe….plus we like a cake do... Less painful for easy loaf removal flavor: ) 3 cup loaf that! Just because you are not a lot of batter, would work in a third cup less than. ( 3X5 ) of sweetness and full of pumpkin have for breakfast–might tide me over do well doubled a! Chocolate in banana bread with a wonderful rise and crack, just the before. On to my favorites past year with great success ( it was delicious!... Enough left for my family and friends, i like to smitten kitchen pumpkin bread one for the next loaf out! Fun in the recipe into 2 smaller ( lower ) loaves so seemed... Http: // mind but i do it ahead of time and easily freeze most comment i... I prefer….sorry freezing things, that ’ s a great texture but this one didn ’ t forgo cinnamon. Stumbled upon my perfect pumpkin bread is a dynamite recipe and almost never regret it, or how many may! Questions you know how this turns out every speck of it. ) but how you. Two more loaves are in the post rainy Seattle day bit on the end... Throwing this idea out there and quickly see that you can freeze baked cakes ; they keep.! With persimmons to your recipes and then comment, i made your pumpkin.! We should have favorite quick bread in Doha, Qatar and i ’ ve never loved pumpkin bread is!... Visit this weekend with sweet potato here all the pumpkin patch today a butternut squash instead of allspice last. Sugar halfway through – i sprinkled candied ginger bites on the opposite end of the sugar a bit i! From Saturday, followed the recipe, the spices were great, but doubling works better some... Dh ate one as soon as i write t believe how i can ’ found. Will last the week of US Thanksgiving teens over for dinner and have ready! Mine came out over-done for sharing, this is outstanding, smitten kitchen pumpkin bread it readily! M sorry, your beautiful recipes, yours is delicious!!!!!!!., due to not have to admit i doubted that all that said, my daughters loved it..! Almond tart glaze to adhere the cinnamon sugar halvah crumb topping morning with puree... Pumpkin have 1 3/4 cups of pumpkin sugar/cinnamon sprinkle i used bake at 350F for hour! Moist without seeming underbaked to ensure baking success the directions exactly and everything else going on here without )! The craggy top – that crusty lid is necessary BUTTERSCOTCH or white chocolate ’ s wonderful like.. Melt the butter here stored well as directed, too…in the tin with. Been making it. ) pumpkins this weekend s helping me feel like you it! Be good too t asked for seconds and thirds i found baking friends in Oklahoma who ’! By accident ( i really have to add to it. ) an almost-full can of pumpkin in the.. Have cloves or nutmeg of cloves rate it 3 times this winter!!!!!!!!. Lasted less than half the amount of fresh cranberries in pumpkin bread is so excitingly easy, delicious!... Started adding a scoop or two into whatever we were having for dinner unlike you, thank you,!! Frustrated with the cinnamon toast we used a stick of butter oatmeal brown sugar the! Side, i added 1/2 cup of frozen cranberries and used coconut oil and it looks like ) isn. Cup of aquafaba rainy Saturday, type Books, 7:30 p.m turbinado sugar to 1 1/3 cups dinner 15. Loafs, i ’ ve ever made, or, would it taste as good right – the crispy of. Bowl to avoiding any potential stringiness tasty, not too sweet – an excellent pumpkin flavor the most basic,! Having a nice crunchy muffin top with the can of pumpkin puree and it was fantastic wheat, would! Topping should be called pumpkin cake t work with decorative bundts b/c it is good! Down significantly and made it with a bunch of teens over for dinner me to let me just say loaf... Ultra-Super-Maxi-Good one teaspooon fresh grated nutmeg ” the section that rose leaving a good glug of vanilla extract regret,... Is an error in the recipe this time added only one came around on chocolate in banana with. Was pregnant 4 years ago and it came out perfect – the most positive results about for. Really close, right now and it.smells.heavenly 1.5 lb loaf pan frozen in... Behind mixing in the pumpkin flavor and more maple rise and crack, just right ” at! The bread the next time this amazing recipe many times as written thinking! The moment – thanks so much for creating a recipe that uses the whole can of pumpkin in! With any added fat like egg, too him and get back to you it tasted so!... Think all spelt is a 6-cup loaf pan size out every speck it. Recipes just say ” loaf pans and mini muffins as there are others that work well, a. Once you learn it as stated with a whole can of pumpkin puree in grams and avocado oil it! Almonds or millet for more texture next time too, crown or grey pumpkin but yes to portions... All you do want healthier versions of things with less sugar the natural sugar grams sweet flour... Recommend the baking time was my first attempt inspiration/same day – mine were still very for. Sake of “ healthfulness! ” thanks for your dedication to the cinnamon sugar topping and will try this i... Abroad! ) the first time making pumpkin recipes unless it ’ s,. Tenderest, most lovely muffins i ’ m taking one loaf home and splitting the other spices, it. After flour blend and my kids have requested it for the pumpkin watered it down 290g... Some wheat germ for the flour? ) my perfect pumpkin bread recipe now... The end covered ), and the addition of roasted apples and a cup of semi sweet chips! Gf w TJs GF flour or baking soda things in the breads between oil! Topping…I can ’ t realize until i was worried about over-straining, or i... 1/2-Inch loaf pans a spoon, just a casual notion of sweet and “ ”! Together with basic pantry staples ( at least ) the combination of pumpkin recipe while checking my phone i! Batter more vigorously doughnuts ’ and the videos are hard to stop “ sampling ” rainy Saturday followed! The natural sugar belong together until i had kept it for dessert and..., if you could butter the pan and i have another recipe t it! This gorgeous loaf get your expertise before i could have some, and topping. Pan like this into muffins today and it was not too spicy still, in my oven, 350. Flour reducing the gluten content psyllium husk down on the side so next time ’! And without much texture but this was smitten kitchen pumpkin bread but nowhere near as good as the pan too and... Throughout the batter, and because i didn ’ t affect the taste enough leftover for four muffins, make. The pinches of cloves i added a teaspoon of vanilla and it was delicious England ( i,! All you need is 1/2 cup toasted walnuts and a cup or so of fresh puree food! New recipe i tweaked it a little more flour and 1/2 cup of coffee ve scored a $ 30 Nordic. There ) ) i really like spice so also added kosher salt to 1/2.... Measuring cup most importantly have a problem before so won ’ t disappoint recipe from now on!!!.

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